Welcome to Cinco Capital GmbH

Cinco Capital is an independent investment company which is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

About us

Cinco Capital is building a portfolio of holdings in private companies. Currently Cinco Capital holds investments in Europe and the U.S. in different industries such as technology, financial services, telecommunications, wholesale, marketing, media and others.

Investment Focus

It is the current policy of Cinco Capital GmbH to invest its own capital in private equity situations only if the target company:

  • Adds sustainable value in the market
  • Has an unique competetive advantage within its niche
  • It is an economies of scale business

Furthermore, Cinco Capital involvement must be able to enhance the private market value of the company in a number of ways: Financing, international expansion, contacts to additional customers and suppliers. At all times Cinco Capital is an active shareholder looking to increase the value of its investment.

Connecting Investing and Business Development

Cinco Capital established an exclusive international network of individuals, companies, organizations and government institutions and opens these longterm relationships to its investments.